Writer: Hiba Darras

Director: Hiba Darras & Abby Buddingh 


Alyki is currently in post-production, see stills below.


Let’s travel back to the Greeks, 400 BC. 
Meet Alyki, a 20 something year old demi-Goddess from Ancient Greece. After using magic on someone as an act of jealousy, she’s cursed by the Gods, making it impossible for her to fall in love as this will mean her death. She gets exiled to an island in the far, freezing north where she has to survive on her own forever.  

A hundred years pass but then, against all odds a mortal hunter stumbles into her life. Attempts to keep him away all end in vain and Alyki starts to fall for him. The story that unfolds is one of longing and letting go, of loneliness and the resilience and strength that exists inside us. But ultimately, it’s a story about unconditional love.

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